Tělo Baňkování Pupínek Odstranění Vakuové Sání Obličeje Čištění Pórů Vakuové Akné Pupínek Odstranění Obličeje, Diamantové Dermabraze Nástroj, Stroj

Štítky: vysavač ruční vysavač, čištění obličeje, obličeje parník, čistič pórů vakuum, čistou tvář, štětce čisté, hydrodermabrasion stroj, galvan obličeje, 37 baterie, acn.

348.96 Kč 498.48 Kč
  • Skladem
  • p1314

  • uher vakuum: Diamond Mikrodermabraze Kůže Peeling
  • Peeling Dermabraze: Mrtvé Kůže, Odstranění Peeling
  • Číslo Modelu: 3-106379
  • Výrobní proces: Stroj Vyrobený
  • Typ: Uher Odstranění Zařízení
  • Diamantové Dermabraze: Uher Odstranění Beauty Stroj
  • Funkce 1: Odstranit Pupínek, Opravy jámy, Odstranění Akné
  • Funkce: Galvanické Ion +/-
  • Funkce 2: Omlazení Pleti, Exfoliační Peeling
  • Materiál: Plastové
  • Název Položky: Kapilární vakuové sání krása Mahcine
  • Velikost: Comedo Blackhead Vacuum Suction
  • Napájecí Zdroj: Dobíjecí Baterie
  • Původ: KN(Původu)
  • Funkce 3: Obličeje, Hloubkové Čištění Pleti, Hloubkové Čištění Pórů
  • Značka: DearBeauty
  • Fit: Pro pupínek remover vakuum

Tělo Baňkování Pupínek Odstranění Vakuové Sání Obličeje Čištění Pórů Vakuové Akné Pupínek Odstranění Obličeje, Diamantové Dermabraze Nástroj, Stroj

Obsah balení: jako obrázek ukazuje

Vacuum pore cleaner that really works! Delivery as usual, from the warehouse of Moscow on average a week by courier to the house! The device is in a beautiful branded box, for a gift you can take) included are replaceable filters (are under the red cap on the spout of the device), USB cord, instruction and 5 different nozzles. Each of the attachments performs its function! With a foil tip is something like peeling. Eliminates dead particles, black dots, skin fat clogged pores and remains of cosmetics. Second nozzle with a narrowed round hole. Cleans the pores of black dots, fights with eels. With an oblong hole (3), it is still convenient for this nozzle to clean the nasolabial zone. 4. with a wide round hole also fights with black dots and wrinkles. It is more intense than that. Suction zone is bigger. And 5 nozzle for vacuum massage whole body three intensity modes! Recommend
The device really works. Proper training and communication are needed. Her chin was completely cleaned from black dots. I already used 2 times. The effect is obvious. The only thing did not immediately understand how it turned on. The button needs to be pressed not as usual, straight, but as if going to the side. Exactly in the same direction and switch modes. Take them or not, decide for yourself. My device worked for Hurray. Delivered quickly. Includes 5 nozzles, replaceable filters, USB for charging, instruction. The photo below showed the effect. It can be seen on the spout of the nozzle which Biaka raised By the way, this device also removes skin fat, which will also prevent the appearance of skin problems. Also liked the nozzles for massage. I hope to help remove small wrinkles. P. s: you need to work neatly. Don't get stuck in one place for a long time, or you'll get a bruise.
Lord 926
Before use, it is necessary to thoroughly steam the face or make a mask that extends the pores. After performing this activity, you can begin the facial cleansing procedure itself. Movements should be smooth, slow, but lingers at one point for a long time can not, otherwise, do not minate micro-damage to the skin and spot skin, showing bruises. I have wide, expressed pores that quickly clog. The device perfectly copes with its task. The effect lasts up to 2 weeks, everything depends on the type of your skin and care for it. In the kit there are replaceable nozzles. Works relatively quietly. Delivery to Krasnodar region was only 4 days by courier service. During transportation, nothing was damaged, even the packing did not stick. Track number was tracked all the way. I was satisfied with the purchase, the product corresponds to the characteristics stated on the site!

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